Welcome to the Pilaster Records website. This is the official record label for the Solid Foundation Music, Inc library and its recordings for artists. This is also the home for products of elfTracks, The North Pole Symphony Orchestra (NPSO) and Floot’n Toots Custom Music Productions, not to mention recordings initiated exclusively for Pilaster Records.

Here you’ll find recordings and soon to be coming – “merch” merchandise ranging from CD’s, downloadable albums and singles, hats, mugs, sweats, tees and much more.

Until the end of 2020 – a donation of 20% of all “digital downloads” from streaming platforms ie: Amazon, Spotify, etc., will be given to 2 distinct causes (10% each):

1. AGAPE Flights. A 501c.3 based in Venice, FL, they fly weekly to over 400 missionaries in and around the Caribbean, ie: Haiti, Dominican Republic, etc., delivering them mail, food and many essential supplies. AGAPE is basically their lifeline while the missionaries do the good work in the field.

2. The Grain Bin Rescue Project. This was started by Zach & Becky Johnson, the Millennial Farmer & Wife, which will help first responders and farmers in general with training and assistance with safety issues while working in and around grain bins on their farms and elevators.

The result is that the people get a project filled with wonderful Christmas music to listen to wherever they go and in return they help two worthy causes. The donation will be good for all downloads registered until the end of the year. The sky is the limit in how much can be raised for AGAPE and the Grain Bin Project.

Thank you for stopping by.